Beach, bulb fields & more

Callantsoog is one of the oldest and most beautiful seaside resorts in the Netherlands. The cozy center is located behind the dunes and from here you can walk right onto the beach. In April/May you can enjoy the beautiful flower fields. The town of Schagen with its many terraces and stores is 10 minutes by car from De Rijnhoeve. We are happy to tell you about more excursions.

Sea & beach

Our campsite is located near beaches of Callantsoog and its surroundings. Enjoy the warm summer days on a rug in the warm beach sand and take a refreshing dip in our own North Sea!

Even on less warm days, the beach serves as a wonderful walking route to get a breath of fresh air and unwind with the sounds of the sea in the background. 

Bicycle routes

The Rijnhoeve is located right between flower fields and close to dunes and forests. Perfect for a nice bike ride to discover the beautiful nature and colorful surroundings.

Consequently, there are all kinds of bicycle routes you can follow. These are neatly marked with signs along the roads and bike paths. For all routes and more information, click on the 'read more' button.

Delicious dining out

Our Minicamping is located near Callantsoog. This village has a cozy village square where several good and cozy eateries are located. Schagen is a nice town with many terraces and restaurants, definitely worth a visit!

The Zwanenwater (nature reserve)

At 6 minutes cycling distance from De Rijnhoeve in Callantsoog, you will find the 600-hectare protected nature reserve Het Zwanenwater. The Zwanenwater is home to the largest dune lakes in Europe. This unique nature reserve was created in 1597 after the construction of the Zijperzeedijk. More than 120 plant and animal species live in the Zwanenwater. It is an important stopping place for migratory birds. You will also find the most beautiful butterflies, fragrant wild orchids and if you are lucky you will spot a beautiful sand lizard.

Beachcomber Museum

Are you on holiday in Callantsoog and do you want to do something else than laze around on the beach? Then be sure to visit the Beachcomber's Museum Callantsoog. The museum is located just outside the village. In the Beachcomber Museum Callantsoog you will not only find a collection of treasures from the sea but you will also see contemporary art. Examples of the beachcomber finds are: bombs, grenades, amber, gold and many more secret finds.

Museum farm Aunt Jaantje

Inside the Museum Boerderij Tante Jaantje in Callantsoog you can experience up close how living and working in our village looked like in former times. Extensive and mostly unique collection material is used to interactively illustrate the living conditions in Callantsoog since almost the beginning of the village ( some 450 years ago ) . In addition, there are always up-to-date Theme Exhibitions that go into more detail on one of the aspects of village history. And maybe you will meet the last inhabitant, Aunt Jaantje! The Museum is run entirely by volunteers.

Hoenderdaell Zoo

11 kilometers away from The Rijnhoeve, is Landgoed Hoenderdaell. The estate is located in a 75-hectare nature reserve that was once part of the Wadden area. On the estate is the beautiful Hoenderdaell Animal Park. On a sunny Monday morning we drove from De Rijnhoeve to Anna Paulowna to visit this zoo. Below are our findings of this unique zoo.


You can discover the beautiful wadden region, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage list, during wade excursions. Various mudflat excursions are organized from Den Helder, such as mudflat hiking and bird-watching excursions. At low tide you walk through mud flats, sand flats and over mussel banks.